Makerbase MKS SKIPR V1.0 Board Klipper EMMC 3.5 inch Screen for Raspberry Pi Control Board-Combo

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  • Processor: 4-core Cortex-A53
  • Memory: EEPROM and flash memory
  • Power Supply range: 3.3V to 5V
  • Communication Interfaces: Multiple (USB,UART,I2C,SPI)
  • Run Klipper Firmware
  • Supports input shaping and pressure advance
  • 7 Stepper Drivers
  • 3 controllable 5/12/24 volt output connections
  • Supports CAN  

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MKS SKIPR V1.0 COMBO is an all-in-one board launched by Makerbase for running Klipper. It integrates the RK3328 SOC running the Klipper host and the STM32F407VET6 MCU responsible for executing specific machine actions. It meets the use of most 3D printers.

Package contains: 

1X MKS Skipr Board, 1X PI-TS35 Scree, 1X EMMC module, 1X EMMC microSD adapter, 1X Heatsink, 34X jumpers, and 1X USB Type C cable


  • All-in-one board: It’s designed specifically for running Klipper, integrating both the host and machine action execution in one board.
  • It uses Rockchip’s 4-core Cortex-A53 architecture RK3328 for running the Klipper host.
  • The board uses STM32F407VET6 of Cortex-M4 architecture, making it easy to control various machine actions.
  • Rich Interface Resources: It supports HDMI screen interface, PI-TS35 screen interface, provides a wired Ethernet port, and 3-way USB interface.
  • Support for Multiple Storage Options: It can boot the system from TF card and EMMC module, with the EMMC module being more stable and having faster read and write speed.
  • Support for 7-axis Stepper Drive: This meets the requirements of most 3D printer models.
  • Stable Operation: 3 independent MP1584PEN DC/DC modules provide a strong guarantee for the stable operation of the entire board circuit.


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